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Hey, my name is Mitty. I'm 18 kinda. I like to cook food and like graphic design. Im a big fan of the Seattle Seahawks, My dream is to own my very own Gaming Pc, for now my mac mini will do. I can be deadbeat if i don't have work to do. When I'm doing work ill commit myself to it. #FazeUp
My favorite animal is a Monkey, and my favorite pet to have is a Dog, preferably a pug. My favorite food has to be a Medium Steak and my go to pickup line is. "Knock Knock.. Who's there?... Baby Yoda... Baby yoda who, Baby yoda only one for me. #FazeUp. No quema cuh......
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Mitty is the true OG. Made me some good thumbnails in the past and is easy to work with.