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If anyone here is familiar with the CSGO Invite only cheat called (Skeet / Gamesense)

Let me know if you would like to buy an invitation code, or a full gamesense account.
If you are unaware about this cheat, feel free to google "gamesense / skeet hvhtage". It is a high quality CSGO hvh cheat, and probably one of the best there is out there.

Current Stock:

Invitation Codes (NO MORE INVITE WAVES IN THE FUTURE): 12 remaining.

BIN: $50 Per Code

*Invite Codes Are Negotiable*

*Accounts Are Negotiable, BIN is just a number*


UID 800 - 900 (the UID listed is between 800 - 900) *SOLD*

CO: $350
BIN: $500

UID 1500 - 1600 (the UID listed is between 1300- 1400)

BIN: $350

UID 2000 - 2100 (the UID listed is between 2000- 2100)

BIN: $150

*all accounts are HWID reset, you will not be banned as long as you do not "flex" that you bought this account, selling invite codes / accounts is bannable*

I always get more accounts, BTC Accepted and preferred.
PP from trusted users only.


All payments via paypal will be under Family & Friends
I will only go first if I feel safe with who I am dealing with.
MM will be used if both parties agree on said MM.
You pay the needed fee for the MM. (IF USED)