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Private Programming Lessons
About Me
Hi, my name's Ammar T and I teach programming, I'd been teaching for about 6 months when I made this thread and I'd just started to get the hang of how to approach people in a teaching environment; keeping the lessons engaging both educationally and providing an ample amount of amusement within the lessons. I did this by utilising a fairly informal manner of speech when in the lessons to allow us to engage on a more personal basis which helps to augment the learning experience. Now that I've been doing this for more than 4 years, I've learnt a lot more alongside my students about programming as well as about the way to approach my lessons.

Other than that I'm from the UK so time-zoning may be an issue for students from Australia and other such regions where weekend lessons would be the best option.

What I Teach
I teach a multitude of high-level programming languages such as Java, C++, C# and Python; in each of these languages I have over 5 years of experience minimum. I do teach the Bukkit API but if basic Java hasn't been covered yet we will go over that before we start on it to avoid confusion (Personal experience). I can also teach game development in Java using LibGDX from which we can port to HTML5/JS, PC/Mac/Linux and Android.

Lessons are conducted over Skype using the screen-share feature and neither a microphone nor speakers/headphones are necessary but both are strongly recommended. The lessons last roughly an hour each however they can spill over this limit free of charge.

I like to keep my pricing fair and affordable and so I charge £4/lesson. Payment can be sent over PayPal or using this link if you'd prefer to use a credit/debit card. There are some offers if lessons are bought in bulk and are as follows:
  • 10 lessons - £35
  • 20 lessons - £65
  • 30 lessons - £90
  • 40 lessons - £115
  • 50 lessons - £130
  • 60 lessons - £150
  • 1 lesson / week - £3 / week
  • 5 lessons / month - £15 / month
  • 10 lessons / month - £27.50 / month
  • 20 lessons / month - £55 / month
  • 30 lessons / month - £75 / month
As an extra note, I do accept equivalent CS:GO skins as well (Reasonable bounds, cheaper by a few GBP).
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