Offering Pokemon:GO Bot [FREE]

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Hello, and welcome to my thread!

Today I'm releasing my edited version of Neer's Pokemon GO bot for the MCM community for FREE.

Not much to be said here, take a look at the screenshots below and the full guide on getting this to work.

NOTE: This bot might ruin the fun for you. If you want to bot for whatever reason, please keep reading. Otherwise you can close this tab.


  1. Download the bot // VirusTotal (1/53 - False Positive)
  2. Extract all files on a seperate folder
  3. Open PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe.config
    1. If you want to play using PTC, edit the "PtcUsername" and "PtcPassword" keys with your own username and password.
    2. If you want to play using Google (recommended), edit the "AuthType" key to "Google"
  4. Go to Google Maps, find your location, get its coordinates, and paste them to the config.
    1. For example, here's my config file:
    2. Code:
      <add key="DefaultLatitude" value="61.499701" />
      <add key="DefaultLongitude" value="23.765938" />
    3. Remember that you should edit these values to match your own location, and not mine.
  5. Edit the rest of the settings to your likings.
  6. Open PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exeas ADMIN.
    1. If you logged in using PTC, it should get right into botting.
    2. If you logged in using Google, follow the on-screen settings.
  7. Enjoy.
Can't connect? Check the server status

A small warning:

Spoofing/changing your GPS location too much will get you "soft banned", this means that you cant catch pokemon or go to pokecenters for 30 minutes or so.