Minimum Requirements And Installing Fax Services In Win XP


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If you are wondering how to install you newly bought fax machine in you computer with Windows XP, here is a stepwise solution for you. You would not only be getting the details of what are the minimum required configurations, you also get a clear idea of how to install the fax services in Win XP. To install and run fax services in your XP operating system computer, it requires a fax modem installed in it and as well connected to any Fax Lists telephone line. Mostly all modems are equipped to be used as fax modems. However, if in case you are not completely sure, you can very well check the modem documentations that arrived with the equipment. And lastly you would need the windows XP installation CD ROM.

The best part is that you would not necessarily even require any fax machine separately for sending or receiving of faxes with the Win XP fax service. All you need is a scanner to get a soft copy of the documents that you are planning to fax out. Now let us get a view of how we should go about installing the components of fax. You need to click on Start and go to Run. Now simply type in the command -appwiz.cpl and click on the OK button. This command will ideally be opening the Add/Remove dialog box for you. Please be patient, since it may take some time for the program to populate a list of all the programs installed. Once the box opens, you need to click on the Add/Remove Windows Components that is present in the left of this dialog box.