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Hello everyone! I'm the owner of which is a new Minecraft server listing website.

As this is a new server listing site, I believe it'll be a good opportunity for server owners to get onto the top ranking front page while it is fresh and ride the wave as we grow. We have Votifier enabled, so your players will be able to gain rewards from voting on our website.

By allowing players to vote for your server, your server will gain a higher ranking on our front page, which will hopefully gain you more players!

Apart from the usual .gif or png server banners, we also allow room for server owners to fully advertise their servers, with a 1200 word description on your server page as well as the option to link your official server websites.

Additionally, we allow the ability for servers to rank for INDIVIDUAL categories/tags, of which will help you stand out even more from larger servers. (Especially if your server has areas of uniqueness!)

Uploading your server is FREE, but there are also paid options available for those who want it. (contact us or check our site for more info)

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 3.47.42 pm.png

Feel free to message me via MC-Market DMs or via discord at: MCServerTime#5352

(Note: I am based in Australia, so timezones might mean a delayed reply. I will however, try to reply ASAP.

Any feedback/suggestions are appreciated as we are looking to add more features in the future.

Link to our site here: