Offering AffluentDesigns // Hand-Drawn Minecraft Illustrations

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AffluentDesigns is a design company run by a small team providing our clients the best possible work at the highest quality. Whether that means a cartoon version of you, or a logo to represent your company, we have it covered.
Effort is put into each design to ensure the client is happy with the final product. Each and every design goes from stretenous planning and inspection to reach the final stage. Efficiency is very important to AffluentDesigns and its members. All the members are dedicated to producing your product designs in a very short period of time to ensure you are able to use your product as fast as possible.

If you’re looking for more information on the pricing or would like a quote, add samjoesquid#2647 on discord for more information. Recent examples of our work can be seen below at the bottom of the page or by visiting our website at
We hope to get in contact with you soon!

Skin Drawings - $75
Server Logos - Starting at $250
Website Background - Starting at $300
Server Icon - Starting at $30
BuyCraft/Donator Images - Starting at $30 each


Looking for something smaller?