Ads Manager

Welcome to the NodeForums Advertisements Manager!
This manager allows you to easily create and manage advertisements on our site with ease. We currently offer the ability to sticky your thread and have a banner on the NodeForums homepage.

Purchase Process
To purchase either a sticky thread or a sidebar banner, the process is:

1. Create the advertisement by going to the 'Create Ad' page.
2. Wait anywhere between 12-48 hours for your advertisement to be approved.
3. Once your ad is approved, pay your invoice on the 'Your Invoices' page.

If your advertisement isn't already up after this, your thread is most likely queued and will be stickied as soon as a spot becomes available as we only allow 5 stickies per forum.

Stickies are a fantastic way to get your thread seen more in a forum. They put your thread above the others which is perfect so you can stay ahead of the competition! Stickies cost $2.50 per week.

Banners are displayed in the right sidebar of the homepage to all members.. They get are the best way to get your service, website or project out there! Banners cost $5 per week.

- 1 Month - 20% off
- 2 Months - 30% off
- 3 Months - 35% off

There are a maximum of 5 banners & stickies, which means that the forum will never be saturated by dozens of banners and ads. This also means that there can be a queue. If you have paid for your invoice but your banner or stickie still hasn't been enabled it is most likely that your advertisement is in the queue and will be added once the next ad runs out.

The Ads Manager allows you create and manage with ease your own Ads on our website.